7 Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors (2020 Reviews)

Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood FloorsLooking for the best yoga mat for hardwood floors in 2020?. well, you are in the right place. In this guide you can expect to learn:

  • How to choose yoga mat for hardwood floors
  • The top-rated yoga mats for hardwood floors
  • Final Thoughts

A quick table preview of thick yoga mats that will give you comfort and support during your practice on hardwood floors.

1Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Manduka PRO Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon
2Liforme Evolve Yoga MatLiforme Evolve Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon
3SACRED Yoga Extra Grip Reversible Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon
4Toplus yoga matTOPLUS Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon
5Gaiam Yoga Reversible MatGaiam Yoga Reversible MatCheck Price on Amazon
6ROCKLEOPARD Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon
7ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga MatCheck Price on Amazon

I am sure you are probably here because your home floor is made of hardwood and you might have already felt the excruciating pain that comes with doing yoga on a thin yoga mat on a such a floor.

Hardwood floors are made of hardwood though they are visually appealing to use in the home, office, etc. Doing yoga on such surface without a good cushioning can cause you joints pain especially if you are not experienced.

That’s why it is important to select a yoga mat that will give proper cushioning and balance during your practice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the thickest in the market.

The very thickest of yoga mat can provide the cushioning for your joints but it will also mean having a chunky layer of foam between your feet ad the floor.  But since yoga practice is meant to ground you, you need the right thickness for comfort and support your needs.

List of the Best Yoga Mats for Hardwood Floors

In a HURRY, Here a quick preview of the top-rated yoga mats for hardwood floors review below.

  1. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
  2. Liforme Evolve Yoga Mat
  3. SACRED Yoga Extra Grip Reversible Yoga Mat

  4. TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  5. Gaiam Yoga Reversible Mat
  7. ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

How to Choose Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors

Selecting a yoga mat especially for hardwood floors can be a challenge. You don’t want to ruin the beauty of your wood surface and you also need a mat that will give comfort and balance when you are in session.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right yoga mat for your mat.


The thickness of the yoga mat is important in your selection process. This is because a think yoga mat will not be able to provide you with the comfort you need.  Hence you need a yoga mat that is thick and can support your joints and all sensitive areas.

Hardwood floors are exceptionally hard surfaces that need some cushioning to support you in your practice. But thickness alone is not enough. The mat needs to also have density. Otherwise, it will determine whether your thick yoga mat is not impressing when you are changing moves.


The density of the mat will determine if the yoga mat will impress when you are using it. You need a thick dense mat that will give you proper cushioning and firm surface for balance.

Find a trade-off between thickness and density.


Hardwood floors are slippery. Therefore, you need a yoga mat that has a good grip on the floor and with your body. Failure on getting a yoga mat with grip could cause you accidents through slip.

So, a thick high-density yoga mat with grip is what you need to look for.


Not all yoga mats are made the same. Different brands make their yoga mats with different materials and technology. There are cheap yoga mats that won’t last long and you get such mats at are very cheap price. There is a saying that you get what you pay for.

If you intend to do yoga regularly for at least 3 or more days a week, then you need a high-quality durable yoga mat that will last long. I am sure you don’t want to be buying a yoga mat every now and then.


Obviously the size of your mat will determine whether you go off it during practice or not. Your body type will help you in determining the size. There are yoga mats of many sizes available. There are standard yoga mats and extra long yoga mats.

If you are tall, then you need to choose an extra-long mat or you need extra room in class between yourself and the next person during the session.

Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors Reviews

Below are my top selected yoga mats for wood floors. You will find one that will suit your needs. There are some high quality premium brands and decent and affordable brands for you to select from depending on your budget.

1). Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

2). Liforme Evolve Yoga Mat

Liforme company makes some of the best yoga mats in the market. Their yoga mats are of high quality and their AlignForMe patented system of practical alignment markets guide you as you practice.

The Liforme Evolve yoga mat is one of the best non-slip yoga mats with super grip all thanks to Liforme GripForMe technology that makes it possible even when you sweat, you don’t slip around.

Liforme Evolve Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made of sustainable natural rubber and topped with a specially engineered eco-polyurethane. It’s PVC-Free and has no nasty toxic substances. The natural rubber which is biodegradable. So, it’s not a harmful product to the environment or to you unless you are allergic to natural rubber material.

Furthermore, on the Evolve yoga mat, you can choose from four vibrant beautiful colors to match your lifestyle. The mat has a size of 72.8″ long x 26.8″ wide and 0.16″ thick. The 4 mm thickness is good enough to support your sensitive parts when you practice.


  • High-quality mat
  • Extra-long to accommodate most people
  • Alignment guides to ensure you stay online when practicing
  • Eco friendly
  • great grip


  • Quite pricey

3). SACRED Yoga Extra Grip Reversible Yoga Mat

The Sacred yoga mat is made of natural tree rubber and PU vegan leather that is  100% recyclable, non-toxic, durable, and doesn’t crumble or tear during high-intensity sessions.

The mat is non-slip and has a great grip with the floor and your body for maximum stability. It is also good at sweat absorption and keeps your hands and feet in position.

The Sacred yoga mat has two thicknesses; 3mm and 5mm but with one size (72 inches x 26.7 inches). The size is big enough to give you the room you need to practice.

SACRED Yoga Extra Grip Reversible Yoga Mat

For the hardwood floor, I recommend you choose the 5 mm thickness option. This will provide good cushioning for your joints. The alignment aids in the center guide you in your practice.

The mat also comes with a free strap that safely and compactly stores the rolled-up mat until your next practice. You can easily clean this yoga mat by wiping it with a damp cloth and leaving it to dry.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Alignment aids
  • Extra Long mat for a lot of room to practice


  • Mat smell rubbery

4). TOPLUS Yoga Mat

The optimal 6mm thickness of this yoga mat ensures that you can perform all levels of yoga on this mat. Hardwood floors can be essentially unkind to knees and other joints.

The non-slip surface of this mat keeps your hands and feet in place while you practice.

with a  thickness of 6 mm and a dimension of  72-inch x 24-inch, it is suitable for a lot of body types. This thickness provides the comfort you need for your sensitive body parts such as your knees, ankles, and palms for hard surfaces like wooden floors

Toplus yoga mat

This yoga mat is made with TPE material which is a combination of natural rubber and plastic materials. This gives the mat an optimal texture that is non-slip to provide the optimal grip without sacrificing the comfort you desire. This mat is suitable for many different forms of yoga.

This yoga mat is suitable for surfaces like hardwood, tiles, cement floors, etc. It comes with a 1-year warranty package.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Biodegradable material
  • well-cushioned
  • Lightweight and portable


  • There is an initial smell that goes with time

5). Gaiam Yoga Reversible Mat

Gaiam yoga mats are some of the affordable yoga mats in the market today with good quality. The Gaiam reversible yoga mat has a sticky texture that makes it not to sleep during your session.

If you sweat more during practice, the inbuilt traction in it won’t let you slip during your practice. People with sweaty hands and feet can use it comfortably without slipping.

Gaiam Yoga Reversible Mat

It has a dimension of 68″L x 24″W x 6mm Thick, The thickness is good for surfaces like hardwood floors that are both slippery and hard. The cushioning will provide your knees, ankles, feet, and palms with adequate support for comfort and balance.

There are many vibrant colors to select from to match your style of practice. The material use is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and harms free.

This yoga mat is lightweight and portable to carry around wherever you go. For added bonus after purchase, you get a free downloadable yoga workout to get you started if you are a beginner and need some classes.


  •  Lightweight
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Excellent grip
  • Non-toxic and free from other harmful materials


  • One standard size and cant fit taller people


The ROCKLEOPARD brings a unique design and print to the yoga floor.  With this extra-long yoga mat, it doesn’t matter where you are in your yoga whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy practicing on this mat.

This yoga mat is manufactured in Germany and is made from the finest quality materials( Polyester and Vinyl) for not only yoga sessions but for multi-purpose exercise.


You can practice the most complicated yoga postures on this mat on a regular basis but it will not show signs of wearing out.

If you are taller or broader, it gives you much-needed support in terms of its dimensions( 25 ½” (W) x 72 ¾” (L) inches).

This wide workout yoga mat is perfect for everything from a downward facing dog to warrior two, and all those positions in between.

The mat has a super grip and sleek design to give you the stability and comfort you need for even a lengthy workout. The mat is also OEKO-TEX compliant and that means it is safe to be used by you, kids, or even pets.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extra-long mat
  • Free of toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Non-slip fabric


  • Could be on the high end for tight budge buyer

7). ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

This ProsourceFit extra thick yoga mat is one of the thickness mats in the market. If you have joint pains and need that extra-thick cushioning to support your weak joints, this yoga mat has proven to be one of the best yoga mats for hardwood floors.

ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

This mat is water-resistant and so sweat and other liquids can seep into it. To clean it, all you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth  after use and let it sit and dry

There are two thicknesses to choose from namely; 1 inch and 1/5 inch thickness. They both have dimension 71”L x 24”W .

It is a comfortable foam yoga mat that has a non-slip surface adheres to the floor; the ribbed design provides grip and stability for safe practice.


  • Versatile mat
  • One of the  thickest yoga mats in the market
  • A lot of cushion for comfort
  • extra long mat
  • Two thicknesses to choose from
  • Many colors for options


Final Thoughts

Hardwood floors are slippery and also hard surface. Choosing a yoga mat for such a floor can be challenging. That is why I research and came up with some of the best yoga mats for hardwood floors. These above mats have the right thickness to cushion your sensitive body parts from pain.

They also have good density to keep your balance when doing challenging poses. When in doubt, go with the Manduka Pro yoga mat. It is my top recommended yoga mat for you.

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